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Pneumatic valves are most widely used as mechanical equipments in industrial and commercial sectors. There work is to control the pressure, rate as well as the amount of air that flows through a selected pneumatic system. Pneumatic valves can create an automated air flow that can be used for carrying out a number of various functions. There are various mechanical designs of the valves which is different from one type to another, and they are coming with toggle switches or push buttons that can be used for manually operating them. If you are interested to buy highly efficient valves for your industries, then you should choose buying FESTO pneumatic valves as they are the best in the world. FESTO is a leading German based multinational organization known for manufacturing high quality pneumatic and automation equipments, and they are regularly design and produce a wide range of valves that are used by many industries all across the globe. In India, FAIZTECH TRADING is the supplier of all types of FESTO valves and if you need them for any particular purpose, you can get in touch with us and we would be happy to deliver them for you.

At FAIZTECH TRADING, we stock a range of FESTO valves models that can be used for carrying out different operation. Some of the widely used valves are pressure control valves, proportional valves, flow control valves, and shut-off valves. No matter what kind of pneumatic valve you may require or in what quantities, you can trust on FAIZTECH TRADING for delivering you your order at the earlier time. Each and every FESTO product that we to offer to you has been passes through many tests well before it has been approved for sale, which means that you can only expect the best quality items with us.

Electrically and pneumatically actuated directional control valves

  • Standard directional control valves
  • Application - specific directional control valves
  • Electric or pneumatic actuation
  • Universal directional control valves.


  • Proportional valves
  • Electronic throttle valve
  • 5/3 dynamic control valve
  • Set point module available as accessory
  • Also for servo pneumatic applications/positioning with SPC200 and SPC11.