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About Us

FESTO is one of the leading global producers and seller of automation and pneumatic products. The wide range of product offered by FESTO can help you to increase your productivity manifold and ride the highest range of success.

FESTO is a top most brand in pneumatic, electromechanical and automation technologies. With more than 60 years in factory and process automation and engineers throughout the world, you can be sure that you are partnering with an industry leader capable of supporting your machines.

FESTO is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology. The globes successful supplier of electrical automation pneumatic and technology has the right solution for every requirement with over more catalog products, customized solutions, ready-to-install automation systems and a matching range of services .This ensure FESTO the partner of choice for its customers all over the world in the fields of factory automation, process automation , skills development and training.

FAIZTECH TRADING has the distinction of being a stockiest for FESTO pneumatic and automation products. We do supply, export and trading of all the FESTO products under these categories. Since its establishment, FAIZTECH TRADING has carved a niche for itself in the FESTO - pneumatic products, compressed air operated products automation products, and sensors. The mission of FAIZTECH TRADING is to be an integral partner to our clients and vendors through its knowledge and expertise in the application of automation, pneumatic and motion control technology.

FAIZTECH TRADING can offer you a wide selection of the FESTO products controls systems that are available on the market today – all at the best value. Our deep knowledge of the automation and pneumatic products of FESTO helps you make better, more informed and practical choices for your automation project. The wide range of our FESTO products comprises of Pneumatic drives, Pneumatic fitting system, servo-pneumatic positioning systems, electromechanical drives ,valves, Valve Terminals, linear modules, Grippers, Process automation, Vortex Tubes, Air Amplifiers, Ionizing products for static elimination, motors and controllers ,Distance sensors, Encoders, Fluid sensors, Photoelectric sensors etc,. .

FAIZTECH TRADING works with designers and manufacturers for more than two decade to increase the productivity, we continue to advance the state of FESTO - industrial automation and pneumatic items with proven innovations, customize design solutions, and exceptional service worldwide. With a comprehensive line of automation and pneumatic components and complete electromechanical and pneumatic motion controlled multi-axis system.

Our company has grown as a result of establishing long-term relationships with our customers by identifying their automation and pneumatic needs and providing competitive and reliable solutions.

Our customers have benefited from our experience, the product we offer, trending technology, and our ability to provide a complete solution and follow up service for their applications.

We Deal With

  • Filter Regulator
  • Grippers
  • Linear Modules
  • Pneumatic and electro pneumatic controllers
  • Pneumatic Drives
  • Pneumatic Fitting System
  • Process Automation
  • Proportional directional control valves
  • Sensors
  • Servo Motors
  • Vacuum Generators
  • Valve Terminals
  • Valves
  • Other Machine Parts