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FAIZTECH TRADING is one of the most well known FESTO stockiest of high end CP valve terminal products which are used by companies all across the globe. FESTO manufactures an extensive line of CP valve terminals which can be used for handling various types of easy and complex pneumatic and automation projects. The various CP valve terminals that are designed and developed regularly by FESTO include universal valve terminals (CPV-SC), CPV valve terminals (CPV10, CPV14, CPV18 and CPV10-EX) and as well as a host of other products. All of these products have widespread positive results for their excellence performance in various applications. The CPV valve terminal has a unique design. CPV valve provides the flexible combination of electrical connection technologies, pneumatic performance and a various range of mounting options. Pneumatic multiple connector plate supports the space saving installation in control cabinets. In some systems the valve terminal can be connected in the previously unused wall area of the control cabinet, because of which there is no need to connect the valves in control cabinet. All the tube couplings can be installed externally. Instead of separate holes only one rectangular cutout is enough for pneumatic multiple connector plate.

If you are looking to buy these high end FESTO CP valve terminals for your industrial projects, then discuss your needs with us. We would be more than happy to help you out. FAIZTECH TRADING is a pneumatics company headquartered in Chennai, India. We have been operating in the field of pneumatics since many years till now and our extensive experience and knowledge in this industry have made us the best pneumatics firm in the country. We stock 10,000 + FESTO valve products. So if you are interested to buy the top end FESTO CP valve terminals or other products, then you can contact us to provide you with the best products.

Our team of expertise is well aware of the different kind of aspects and functions of various FESTO products, So we can easily guide you towards the FESTO components that would best suits your needs. We also has a fine network of suppliers who can get your products delivered at any part of India or any other country within the earliest time as soon as possible. So kindly let us know what you need and we will make sure that you have the right FESTO goods.


  • Flow rate 400 …. 3200 l/min
  • Width 18, 26, 42, 52 mm
  • 2 .... 32 valves
  • Field bus connection
  • AS - interface connection
  • Channel-oriented diagnostics
  • Multi-pin connection.