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Vacuum generators are the excellent mechanical components for those who are ready to use vacuum technology for carrying out there various industrial operations. If you are looking to buy these products, then you should surely go to get yourself vacuum generators which are developed and designed by FESTO. It is a German based firm for designing, manufacturing and supplying of various kinds of pneumatic and automation products. Since the years, FESTO has established itself as a major global manufacturer of these pneumatic and automation products. For many years, their products have been known for their top quality services that they give. So it is in your genuine interest to buy the vacuum generators that are developed and designed by FESTO.

FESTO products always have a massive demand among various companies they are eager to invest in betterment of their products to boosts their manufacturing techniques. If your industries is based in India or any other country and you are looking to buy these vacuum generators, then we at FAIZTECH TRADING can give you best service to you. FAIZTECH TRADING is a highly reliable name in the field of FESTO products. We offer our services and products to all parts of India and globally. So if you are interested to buy FESTO vacuum generators from us, then you can be sure that your money will be spent for genuine products that are truly excellent and a top class one.

FESTO manufactures an extensive range of vacuum generators which has the following types: OVEM vacuum generator (metric), vacuum generators VN (pneumatic), vacuum generators VAD-M and VAD-M-I ,vacuum generators OVEM (inch), vacuum generators VAD and VAK (metal), vacuum generators VADM ,vacuum generators VN (electro-pneumatic) and VADMI, , vacuum generators for valve manifolds CPV and vacuum generator cartridges VN. So when you interest to shop with us, you can trust that you will have a choice of various high end products to choose from. And each of these products has been verified for the highest quality standards.


  • Nominal size 0,45 .... 3,0 mm
  • Connection M5, G 1/8, G 1/4, G 3/8
  • Solenoid valve, ejector pulse
  • Integrated silencer
  • Integrated filter with contamination indicator
  • Compact vacuum generation and monitoring in a single unit.