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Sensors like proximity sensors and pressure sensors are mostly useful mechanical components that are used in various types of industrial projects. Sensors are small but they are very much effective means of recording and controlling movement of the pressure valves, piston positions and also offer users with the choice of maintaining and maintaining the system remotely. FESTO is the German based pneumatics and automation firm, is a major manufacturer of excellent quality sensors that are used by industries all over the globe. For many years, the sensors which are designed and produce by FESTO have been used by many industries in different parts of world and their efficiency have garnered FESTO widespread in various sections.

FESTO sensors are made with the finest quality materials that results them to deliver great performance consistently. FESTO has the qualities of resistance and durability to pressure which makes them best for high end tasks. The different kinds of sensors that are produced by FESTO include proximity sensors, position sensors, inductive sensors, vacuum sensors, pressure sensors, air gap sensors, optical sensors and flow sensors. These FESTO sensors can be used for various applications to facilitate production practices.

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  • Voltage 20 .... 320 V DC, 20 .... 265 V AC
  • Size M12, M18, M30
  • 2 wire, contactless
  • Standard switching distance
  • For direct and alternating voltage
  • Flush or non-flush mounting.