Festo Stockist Chennai

Proportional directional control valve

Festo is the leading producer of top quality direction control valve in the world. FESTO products are widely used in numerous industries in different parts of the world. The Germany originated producer of pneumatic and automation parts has literally dominated the pneumatic and automation market since many years now with their wide range of products that are of the highest quality. The Festo products have been resulted to not only increase the productivity but also low down the rising production costs, which is benefited to all industrial companies.

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Festo manufactures a range of direction control valves that are in many dimensions and working techniques. Some of these valves are Solenoid valve VMPA, Solenoid valve VUVG Compact Performance CPE solenoid valve, Solenoid valve VUVB, Midi valve and Tiger Classic pneumatic valve. Whatever your requirements may be or how many units you want from us, we can deliver to you at your doorstep at the earliest time. Our wide network of suppliers throughout the country, and they can get your products delivered to you on time.

  • Connection : G1/8, G1/4, G3/8
  • Flow rate: 350 .... 2000 l/min
  • 5/3 way proportional directional control valve, closed
  • Fully digitised, with integrated pressure sensors
  • With switching output for actuating a clamp-type brake unit
  • Diagnostic capabilities.