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Pneumatic Fittings Systems

Pneumatic fittings are the most important mechanical components which are widely used in different types of industrial achievement. These are widely used with different types of pneumatic systems and come in a various range of types. Among the different companies that are producing pneumatic fittings, the most famous of them is FESTO. A leading German based multinational firm, FESTO has been designing and producing pneumatic fittings for several decades till now, and their products have been always praised as best in the industry. The FESTO pneumatic fittings are specially known for their versatility and efficiency in handling the different types of goals for which they are preferred by users all over the world. FESTO continuously designs and manufactures a various range of pneumatic fittings for their users. The various types of pneumatic fittings produced by FESTO includes, Push-in fittings (Quick Star NPQP Standard, Mini; Quick Star QS ,Push-in fitting QS-B; Push-in fitting NPQH; Push-in fitting QS-V0; Push-in fitting CRQS), Quick Star QSM, Barbed fittings (CN; Quick connector CK), Threaded fittings (Threaded fitting NPFC; Threaded fittings B/D/E/ESK) and Click fittings. All of these fittings are made from the finest materials which guarantee flawless service always they are used.

If you are intending to buy FESTO pneumatic fittings in India or in any other country for your industrial project, then get in touch with us at FAIZTECH TRADING, we will be able to help you with that. FAIZTECH TRADING is a reputed Chennai based firm known for delivering to world wide industries with superior quality pneumatic and automation equipments. We have been operating as a FESTO products supplier in this country for quite some time and our experts can choose the best FESTO items for your need. So you can completely rely on us for providing you with the best FESTO pneumatic fittings.

* Tubings

  • Tubing for a wide range of working environments, including for the flame retardant, food industry, PWIS-free or media-resistant designs.

* Fittings

  • Line connector (fitting) and line connecting components with push-in and barbed fitting connection.
  • Also includes special accessories such as blanking plugs.
  • Typical shapes of push-in fittings and connectors include straight, L, T, X and Y.