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Linear Modules

We are the supplier of FESTO linear actuators. These actuators are available in different sizes such as 100mm, 125mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 320mm and a stroke length from 40mm to 990mm. These actuators are approved by ATEX 2GD. FESTO product is corrosion resistance of class 3, Degree of protection IP65, IP67, IP69K, NEMA4.

Features :

  • Position sensing via built-in displacement encoder With optional integrated positioner and valve block
  • Position feedback through analogue 4....20 mA for simple diagnostics
  • Sturdy and compact housing for use outdoors
  • Easy to integrate into existing control architecture
  • Connection to process valve is based on standard DIN 3358
  • Position sensing integrated to potentiometric displacement encoder .

FESTO is the leading manufacturer of different kinds of pneumatic and automation products for the world global market. They have been in this manufacturing for many decades for designing and producing high end pneumatic and automation products back to back that are made for assisting in performing different types of functions. Since many years they have also manufacturing an wide range of Linear Actuators that have been widely appreciated for their perfect design and economic usability. It is such factors that have made the FESTO linear actuators some of the best in the pneumatic industry.

It is to say that the products developed by FESTO are always in great demand. The products of FESTO are stocked by us at FAIZTECH TRADING. We have been operating as a major pneumatics company in India for many years. Being a supplier of FESTO products, we are well aware of the different types of linear actuators that are manufactured by FESTO and their various benefits. The FESTO linear actuators come in a extensive range of sizes which makes them extremely versatile for different uses. They are made up of the finest materials, can withstand through tough conditions and have been known for their durability and strength. All of the FESTO linear actuators are also known for delivering cost effective services for the customers, which makes them an extremely practical to buy

So if you are looking to buy FESTO linear actuators for your own requirements, just contact with us and our experts will be happy to help you out in getting the right products .we can help you to get the products that would best suits your requirements and help you to achieve your success.


  • > Size 8 .... 185
  • > Force 15 ... 3000
  • > Stroke length 1 ... 8500 mm.

Linear Modules