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Grippers are most widely used mechanical components in pneumatic operations. They are rapidly used in different types of industrial projects so they are always in high demand. FESTO is one of the best company that design and manufacture such industrial grippers, perhaps no one is as famous as FESTO, the German based multinational corporation known for the production of the best pneumatic and automation components. FESTO grippers have been extensively used by all around different parts of Europe, and now they are also wanted in other parts of the world as well and FAIZTECH TRADING can supply and export the FESTO products every part of the world.

Since many decades, FESTO has been delivering grippers to their global clients thereby helping them with their industrial projects. The grippers which are designed and manufactured by the engineers at FESTO has many different structure and functional aspects. Some of the most famous types of grippers produced by them includes parallel grippers, three-point grippers, angle grippers, radial grippers, swiveling grippers and bellows grippers. If you are looking for any of these grippers for your use in India or any other country, then you should contact us at FAIZTECH TRADING as we can provide you with the best FESTO products.

FAIZTECH TRADING is the supplier of all kinds of FESTO goods in the Indian subcontinent. We are the leading suppliers pneumatics and automation components in this country and we have been providing industrial components in India with top notch products for more than two decades. So if you are interested to buy FESTO grippers, you can contact us for providing you with the best products. Our team are capable enough to pick out the best FESTO products and this makes us a reliable FESTO supplier in India.


  • > Size 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 25, 32, 35, 40, 50, 63 mm
  • > Force 8 …. 770 N per gripper jaw
  • > Stroke length 0 …. 80 mm
  • > Grippers whose gripper fingers make a linear motion, independent of the number of gripper fingers.