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Filter Regulator

Pressure regulators are the mechanical devices which are made to monitor and control the level of pressure which runs through a specific system. There are various types of pressure regulators available in the market, while some are more important for measuring water pressure and there are some others that are suitable for gas and air pressure. Pneumatic pressure regulators are mainly used in industrial sectors because they are extremely useful in different situations.

When there is need of pressure regulators, most industrial companies all over the world prefer FESTO for getting the genuine products. Because they are the leader in the sphere of manufacturing of automation and pneumatic products, FESTO has been at the top of this industry since many decades. Over last several years, the pressure regulators which are designed and developed by FESTO have undergone a great change, and the latest products are known for delivering greater performance and efficiency on a various range of applications. Because of which most companies all across the globe prefer using FESTO pressure regulators for doing their various pneumatic pressure related operations.

FAIZTECH TRADING is a well known pneumatics organization based in Chennai known for supplying various pneumatics and automation products for more than two decades. We have been also operating as a supplier of FESTO products in India and other parts of the world for many years. So, if you require FESTO pneumatic pressure regulators for your industries, you can get in touch with us for getting you the best FESTO products. We have an wide network of suppliers working all across India, so no matter where your industries is located, we ensure you that you can get your product at the earliest possible time. Our FESTO products will help you to save on your money and enhance your productivity, and also make sure that you can earn a better review among your customers.

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  • > Connection G1/8, G1/4, G3/8, G1/2, also available with NPT thread
  • > Size 4, 6
  • > Flow rate 800 ... 4800 l/min
  • > Pressure gauge with bar, psi, M Pa
  • > Grade of filtration 40µm, 5µm
  • > Condensate drain
    •       a. manual
    •       b. semi automatic
  • > Plastic bowl with plastic bowl guard
  • > Metal bowl guard
  • > Flow direction
    •       a. from left to right
    •       b. from right to left
  • > Proportional lubricator.
  • > Pressure 0.3 - 7 bar, 0.5 - 12 bar

Filter Regulator